Longtail Technologies Announces New Intelligent Pricing Partnership with TAP Air Portugal

Longtail is excited to announce a new partnership with TAP Portugal to power the airline's intelligent pricing activity and allow traveler to find more routes and connections that use the TAP global network


Palo Alto, CA – Longtail Technologies, a leader in airline technology with an autonomous, intelligent pricing platform, is excited to announce a new partnership with TAP Air Portugal. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Longtail, adding to its rapidly growing portfolio of clients, which includes major airlines such as SAS and Avianca. Longtail Technologies is helping all of these airlines to drive incremental revenues in new markets. 

Adam Aly, CEO of Longtail Technologies, commented on the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to collaborate with TAP Air Portugal. Our innovative platform, designed to optimize network footprints and revenue, is a perfect fit for TAP’s forward-thinking strategy.”

Mario Cruz, Chief Commercial Officer at TAP Air Portugal, also expressed enthusiasm about the partnership. “Joining forces with Longtail Technologies represents a strategic move for us. Their cutting-edge technology will play a crucial role in enhancing our pricing strategies and expanding our market presence,” said Cruz.

This partnership is set to revolutionize the way airlines approach pricing and network strategy, further cementing Longtail Technologies’ position as a pivotal player in airline industry innovation.

**About Longtail Technologies**

Longtail Technologies, headquartered in Palo Alto, California, is an innovative force in the airline industry. It offers an intelligent, autonomous pricing platform that adapts to daily industry changes, such as price updates and schedule modifications, without the need for day-to-day human intervention. The platform leverages vast amounts of data to build a comprehensive journey database, ensuring airlines are always competitively priced and visible for customer searches. For more information about Longtail Technologies visit https://www.longtail.ai/ or contact simon@longtail.ai

**About TAP Air Portugal**

TAP Air Portugal is a 78-year-old national airline committed to providing exceptional service and safety to passengers. As a member of the Star Alliance network, TAP operates flights to 90 destinations in 36 countries. Its modern fleet includes the latest Airbus aircraft, while its cabin interiors offer maximum comfort and state-of-the-art entertainment. TAP is also dedicated to sustainability, reducing its carbon footprint with biofuels and more efficient procedures. The airline takes pride in promoting Portuguese culture and traditions, from its cuisine to inflight magazine features. TAP Air Portugal is a world-class airline that continues to grow while maintaining its strong Portuguese heritage. For more information about TAP Air Portugal visit https://www.flytap.com/en-se/support/about-ta


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